Partners & Funding


In 2008 Chesham House was purchased by Kettering Borough Council a major refurbishment was undertaken to transform it into a modern Business Centre so that the town kept an important historical building and helped businesses with more available premises.

The Borough of Kettering sits within the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnerships (SEMLEP).  LEP’s are voluntary partnerships between local authorities and businesses set up in 2011.  They have a key role to play in shaping priorities, leading on enterprise initiatives and supporting the county’s business community.


In 2013 SEMLEP launched Velocity a support programme offering businesses across the South East Midlands support, advice and much needed funding.

Business workshops run across the South East Midlands in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Banbury and Milton Keynes Find out more HERE

Velocity have also put together a resource pack Image result for velocity SEMLEPlisting a number of grants, funding streams and finance packages currently being offered to businesses. Find it HERE

Northamptonshire Growth Hub have information on funding opportunities HERE or by contacting the hub on 0844 5560101.

In March 2013, the Government began lending £20 million to small UK businesses through Funding Circle, as part of its Business Finance Partnership scheme.

In early 2014, the Government-backed British Business Bank Investment Programme decided to invest a further £40 million alongside other investors, to support economic growth by providing more efficient finance to small businesses.

More information on this funding stream can be found HERE


LEADER is a French acronym which means “Liaison among Actors in Rural Economic Development’ and it is an EU funded rural grant programme designed to support local businesses

The LEADER programme has been running across England for more than 10 years and a new round of grant funding will now operate from 2015-2019.

More information on this funding stream can be found HERE